the call to action ... the call to unite



 Uniting resources since 2011.

Message of unity. We need your expertise as volunteers, we need funding as sponsors for medical missions, we need you to spread the word regarding how we can unite and be the difference we want to see in the world. Freshwater water systems provide uniting to supply hope. Water supply.  

There are so  many types of supplies we need during these missions as we service hundreds of patients.  Join us, and help us collect what we need year after year.  

Wellness Support - telemedicine


 We need Telemedicine partners and more.

TeleHealthUnited urges healthcare professionals and all who are willing, to go on a mission will us, and share your knowledge, donate books for remote villages.  Better yet, donate books and online learning resources for areas that have internet access. 

Share this site with those you know that work at any company that may be a good fit as a partner of HOPE. 

A Healthy world


These two beautiful young ladies live in Ghana.  

They both want to be doctors.  Your support helps us to be of help to thousands of children, and adults as they grow, learn and move towards their destiny.  

They had a great time just wearing the face masks and gloves.  

Think about how awesome it would be to teach medical fundamentals, anatomy, and more to bright minds....yes...HOPE in action!